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23 janvier 2008

PHP Logo

Hello guys and girls,
I just noticed that in the PHP site there isn't any PHP logos made in Inkscape, so I decided to do one. It really was a difficult task because I don't have the font used for the "php" word so I grabbed a normal png image with the logo and used the feature Path > Trace Bitmap to get started.

The results were not as good as I expected. But it help me to identify some shapes and then fine tweaking with the Edit Path tool. Another technique that I found it useful was taking the original png image and lower the opacity to 30-40 % and then over the image draw the basic shapes using the the rectangle tool (make visible the grid and the snapping helps here too).

The Final PHP logo:


Inkscape Source file: php_logo

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    Hey, nice one. At least having the letters as paths ensure that everyone will be able to see the logo the right way.
    The PHP original font seems to be the "Handel Gothic" font, but it cost around $20. There's also the "Denmark" font (free as in beer) that is similar, but I don't know what is the licence of this font.

    Posté par Rore, 24 janvier 2008 à 13:47

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