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27 janvier 2008


Following the enthusiasm for spread PHP to the entire world :) I just happy because Vincent Pontier (aka the Roubio) , the creator of the PHP elephpant authorized me to post the elephpant, this time made in Inkscape. By the way check Vincent's Web site (, is full of nice illustrations and artworks related to PHP, great work Vincent!! Inkscape source file: elephpant2
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23 janvier 2008

PHP Logo

Hello guys and girls,I just noticed that in the PHP site there isn't any PHP logos made in Inkscape, so I decided to do one. It really was a difficult task because I don't have the font used for the "php" word so I grabbed a normal png image with the logo and used the feature Path > Trace Bitmap to get started. The results were not as good as I expected. But it help me to identify some shapes and then fine tweaking with the Edit Path tool. Another technique that I found it useful was taking the original png image and... [Lire la suite]
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18 janvier 2008

Wise Marketing Team

I introduce to you the Wise Marketing IT team:From Left to Right: Mauricio (KmuNino), Robert (me), Veronica, Henry and Max
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12 janvier 2008

Gimp and Inkscape integration example

I'm noticing that there is not too many examples of possible workflows that include the collaboration between Gimp and Inkscape, and although I'm not too experienced with both programs I came with the following tutorial, maybe somebody can found it useful. The other day I was thinking in a possible layout and xhtml structure for a project about LMS (Learning Management Systems), so I decided it to do it in Inkscape (FIGURE 1). FIGURE 1 XHTML Structure done in Inkscape Like you see the drawing itself is pretty simple and... [Lire la suite]
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