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23 février 2008

Curl Tree (Spiral Tree) Tutorial

Following with my integration examples, this time we'll try to integrate Inkscape and Adobe Flash (Flash 8 or Flash CS3 is Ok for this tutorial) in a Curl or Spiral Tree. This tutorial doesn't aim to be or cover advanced techniques so a new comer to Inkscape or Flash could find this easy to follow, but maybe some intermediate users (like me) or other users could learn something. So let's get started... First open Inkscape and select the Spirals tool, then draw a some big spiral in the page (mine is like 430x430px FIGURE 1) ... [Lire la suite]
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13 février 2008

Mudjungle banner

Hello, I've been working in a Inkscape - Flash integration example tutorial, but it have taken more time that I expected, so in the meanwhile I just did a Gimp banner using some of the nicest gimp brushes available out there. I used for the leaves in the top the leaves brushes made by Rore and for the board and chalk text some Pastel brushes made by Rene Jensen (aka Centipede). See ya soon,
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