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07 avril 2008


I was doing some Inkscape drawings lately, I would like to say that I enjoyed a lot when I was doing them and more since the Inkscape 0.46 release!

In this time I did some notebooks that I would like to use for some icons in a project that I'm working (FIGURE 1).


FIGURE 1 The Notebooks

One of the main problems that arise when I was drawing this notebook was the rings in the notebook's side, because they suggest that are above the notebook cover but also are below (confusing, huh) and more when you have to deal with the layers used in Inkscape. Well the only solution that I found was to accurately select and move the nodes that make the ring in a way that I can make the effect believable (FIGURE 2).

FIGURE 2 Moving the nodes that make the ring to suggest the ring goes behind the back cover

Some other problems that I found were the aligning of the rings and the ring holes, also the space or separation between the ring holes. I think this could be easier when you work with a vertical notebook since the beginning but I worked in a kind of perspective way since the start. To solve this I used some temp rectangles to help me align the stuff, a big one for the rings and some little ones for the ring holes.

Finally maybe this notebook could be useful to you and some of your projects. If you find it useful, I don't have a problem if you don't mention or credit me, maybe just leave a comment just to know that you used it and that it was helpful to you.


Inkscape source file: notebook

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    problem at small sizes

    I was trying to prepare the notebook image to a smaller size just like 24x24px or 16x16px but after making some tests, I concluded that the notebook doesn't read well at small sizes

    Posté par Robert, 07 avril 2008 à 22:24
  • they're great!

    Very nice one. I remember trying to make some celtic-knotwork with inkscape, and I remember having the same problems as you with the ring going both under and over an object.
    I think this icon could fit in small size, but you'll have to change the size of some parts before exporting in small format. Maybe make the notebook looking thicker, so the white pages are visible in small size. And make less rings (three or four) but bigger rings. Well well well, these are just suggestions

    Posté par Rore, 10 avril 2008 à 09:49
  • Thanks

    Thank you Rore, your tips and suggestions are very valuable for me. I'll try to fix this notebook based on your suggestions.

    Posté par Robert, 10 avril 2008 à 16:42

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