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27 avril 2008

Music symbols

The other day I was doing some works that tried to express music in some way, one was for a speaker animation and the other for two cellphones that were sharing some music. The funny thing is that neither of both works was approved, so that means that I can share the works with you, my few (but growing) blog readers. So I'll begin with the music symbols that I'll use in my future posts (stay tuned!!), this music symbols are somewhat simple but you can improve it easily (change color, arrange differently, add glow or shadow, etc.),... [Lire la suite]
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07 avril 2008


I was doing some Inkscape drawings lately, I would like to say that I enjoyed a lot when I was doing them and more since the Inkscape 0.46 release! In this time I did some notebooks that I would like to use for some icons in a project that I'm working (FIGURE 1). FIGURE 1 The Notebooks One of the main problems that arise when I was drawing this notebook was the rings in the notebook's side, because they suggest that are above the notebook cover but also are below (confusing, huh) and more when you have to deal with the... [Lire la suite]
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