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29 juin 2008

mouse doing his homework (I'm back!)

This painting reminds me of the time when I used to give drawings and paintings to girls just to impress them and maybe get a date :) fortunately those times have passed away and now I know a bit more of how to conquer girls and not get too serious (yes, give some flowers or drawings to a girl that you just met some days ago it's not a good idea) too soon.

About the painting, it's done with watercolors and consist of a mouse doing his homework (here in El Salvador, we call this type of homework "planas" and basically consist of repeat over and over again a symbol or character just to make your writing better).

In the painting I remember that I tried to make the mouse wear some "cool jeans" and that was the focus in my painting. And what makes some cool jeans? well I think that maybe the jeans should look a little bit old and scratched, so to make the effect believable I did the following:

  • Grab some cool brush
  • Prepare the blue of the jeans (maybe a mix of phthalo blue with cobalt blue)
  • Fill the brush with the blue color that you just created
  • This is the important trick, make sure that the brush just get slightly filled with blue, just remove the excess of blue maybe with a napkin paper.
  • Make a few brush strokes, you'll notice that the stroke is kind of "dry" and it leaves some blank spaces interlaced with blue.

Here is the final drawing: (FIGURE 1)


FIGURE 1  A mouse doing his "planas".

See ya soon! :)

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    "those times have passed away and now I know a bit more of how to conquer girls" --- you mean, now you impress them with code?

    What I prefer here is the fur effect on the mouse head. The jeans are a bit too blue, but yes, I know, no ctrl+Z on watercolor

    Posté par Rore, 03 juillet 2008 à 09:07
  • thanks

    Thank you Rore for your comment.
    "you mean, now you impress them with code? "
    -- jaja well not exactly, but I think it could be a technique to use in a given moment in time
    take care

    Posté par Robert, 03 juillet 2008 à 17:54

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