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27 juillet 2008

Space Background

let me show you some background that I did some time ago. This space background was intended for some Flash animation that I was doing at that time and although I could create the whole animation in Flash, I don't think Flash was capable to create a more lively space drawing, so instantly I knew that with Gimp I could create something nicer that with Flash. (FIGURE 1)

FIGURE 1  Somewhere in the infinite space.

About how I did this drawing, well there is not much to say, because mostly involves playing around and have fun using the appropriate brushes and maybe some layering modes. I used some cool brushes by Rore (go to the bottom of this post to get the link) and some layers. One of the layers consist of a bluish gradient (a blue tint and a blue shade) and the top layer consist of the yellow stars, the layers in between consist of just "painting" a lot with the sparkles brushes and maybe changing the layer modes to "screen".

As always thanks for reading and see ya later :)

Update: Using the background in Flash. The planet and the rocket was done in Flash - the planet follows a similar technique described originally by Rore. (FIGURE 2)


FIGURE 2  Using the space background in a Flash animation.

Some definitions:
Tint, is made by adding white to a given color.
Shade, is any pure color to which black has been added.

Rore's brushes:

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