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05 août 2008

North Pole Background

This background was made for an animation that I was trying to do for the last year's Christmas, and I said "trying" because I didn't finish the animation, I hope this year I could finish this idea and the work that involves.

When I was drawing this background, I was thinking in "ice cubes" and because of that the icebergs that I draw, are kind of polygonal. But let's see how you can translate this idea into a digital picture. Before start, I apologize because I don't have any images that show the process of this background... I don't know how many of you have forgotten to save or store some of your previous works and then when you go back to see how you did something, it's not there :(

Let's remember...
Open Inkscape and draw some icebergs using the Bezier Path tool. Add some gradient to the iceberg's "faces" (like a cube that haves 6 faces) to make this icebergs well more ice cubes :)
Don't forget to draw the reflections, using the same icebergs (duplicate them), but with minimum opacity to blend more nicely on the water.

Maybe the background it's OK by now, but here is when I think that a extra detail could make a difference. In Inkscape export the North Pole drawing using a transparent background, then open the North Pole picture in Gimp and do this...

This is one of my favorite tricks, select the layer that haves the north pole picture and then give right click on the layer and select "Alpha to Selection", this will allow us to select only the icebergs and then add some texture using the Paintbrush. For the paintbrush select one of this (I don't know if the following brushes are installed by default, but hopefully you'll have one or more of the following): Galaxy, Grass, Pastel and maybe some Acrylic. For the color select white.

The trick here is that as long as you have the selection active, you can paint "freely" and don't worry about painting outside the icebergs. This reminds me when I was in kinder garden, and maybe one of the hardest exams (evaluations or tests) was painting a circle, a rectangle and a triangle using a red, blue and yellow crayons respectively, and notice that you lose points or score if you paint a rectangle using another color but blue, or painting outside the contour or stroke that delimits the figures.

Finally with the above mentioned trick, you can always have a "A" grade in your Gimp drawings!! (FIGURE 1)

FIGURE 1  The north pole background or the "ice cubes" background.

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    Those icebergs are really nice! Now they just lack penguins and bears ^^

    Posté par Rore, 22 août 2008 à 00:04
  • Thanks Rore, I hope I could add the penguins and bears later. I'll try do a e-card or something with this idea.

    Posté par Robert, 22 août 2008 à 01:37

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