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18 août 2008

Tony Hawk vs. Homer Simpson - Watercolor

It's October 2004 and my brother Leonardo is about to have his birthday. I found myself thinking what could I give him for his birthday, because I didn't have money (I wasn't working at that time, I was still in the university at full time) to buy any gifts.

I could tell you a lot about my brother Leo and our adventures when we were children, but in a brief Leo and I, were like partners in crime, like Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, like Duck Dodgers and Porky Pig space cadet, like more than brothers...friends.

So I have to put a effort myself and try to give him a cool gift. So I started to search what he enjoyed the most and found that he liked a lot playing skateboarding (nowadays he stills enjoy a lot that sport). So I came with the idea of make a drawing related to skateboarding.

The inspiration for the drawing was not going well, but all the sudden I found a picture in the newspaper in which appeared Tony Hawk and Homer Simpson, doing some air duel... that was what I was looking for!!

I decided to paint a watercolor inspired on the picture. (FIGURE 1)

Tony Hawk vs. Homer Simpson

FIGURE 1 Tony Hawk vs. Homer Simpson

About this watercolor, I think the sky and the bright colors made this painting a cool one, but let me share some tips and thoughts:

  • to make the sky, you could follow the same trick that I published before in my Senna river watercolor. This time the problem is the two guys in the air, to work around this you can damp the paper carefully without touching the contours of the characters or you can use a masking fluid to cover the characters and in that way you can paint the sky freely.
  • Nowadays, the Simpsons and almost most of the animated series in TV use very bright colors, so pick the brightest colors in your palette.
  • Remember in watercolor is the opposite of painting with oil or acrylics, so start painting the light colors first. Paint first the yellow skin of the two characters, then you can follow with painting the red, blue or green areas. Finally paint the dark gray or black areas.
  • For the Homer Simpson skateboard, I tried to make the skateboard look like damaged (like my brother's skateboard), so I picked some sandpaper and did some scratches, I also made some "thin" black strokes.
  • To make the characters contrast more (and look like they do in TV) pick a chinese ink pen and draw carefully the contours or outer strokes of the two characters. I used a chinese ink pen, size "8" for doing the strokes.

Finally I think that from all of the gifts (mostly chocolates, food and only saying "Hey Leo, Happy Birthday") that I've given to my brother, this watercolor has been the coolest one!

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