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10 octobre 2008

Old Airplane Watercolor - I've finally delivered it

Today was a nice day, I finally get away from my laziness and visited my teacher José Brizuela in my old school "Colegio Don Bosco".

I remember most of my teachers, but from the time I was in high school (those critic years), José Brizuela was my favorite teacher. I met him when I was studying 7th grade, he taught me a class related to society, geography and other stuff. Then in my second year in high school I found myself in one of his classes... psychology.

Psychology was a really cool class, because was aimed to teach the students things related to sexuality and other stuff, and was one of the very few classes that I can remember in my whole life in which all the students (only boys*) were very focused and paid close attention in class. If the topics weren't interesting enough, the teacher Brizuela taught the class in a very funny and true (no things to hide, close to reality) way.

In many of my interactions with him, I found myself getting late to class and waiting outside the classroom, thinking in what excuse I could use to give him. Then he went outside to ask me why I was late, and most of the times I replied that just a couple of blocks from the school, I found a traffic jam.

Another thing that I remember with nostalgic was how he called me in those times. Brizuela used to invent a lot of nicknames for the students, and all were very funny, all the class laughed a lot any time he called one of my classmates for his nickname. And for me, he used to call me "Caso Roswell" (you know the ET) and when I was late he said "Ok, let me know something, you have a spaceship and come from another galaxy, so how do you end up in a traffic jam? .... :)) -all the class laughing- c'mon let's get inside the classroom :) "

Ok, let's see the watercolor!

Old plane watercolor

FIGURE 1  Old plane watercolor.

There is not much to said about this watercolor that I haven't said before in my previous posts related to painting in watercolor, but let me tell you some tips:

  • I tried to put a lot of detail in the "tail" of the airplane, so I can achieve a dot texture  (steady hand is needed!)
  • there is some houses in the background so I painted them very slightly (mix the watercolors with more water to paint these houses). In this way you can add some depth to the picture, because things located far away will look less detailed
  • I used a chinese ink pen to draw the contour of the airplane and in this way highlight it more

So that's it. Merci por la lecture :)

* Nowadays like when I was in high school, The Colegio Don Bosco it's a only boys school. So in the context of this story, we could talk more freely in class about certain topics like sexuality, because there is no girls in the classroom.

** I did this airplane watercolor in 2006, and I did it specially for my teacher Brizuela, for some reason until this very day (Oct 09, 2008) I've finally delivered it. Better late than never.

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