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15 février 2009

We used to... (start again)

Hi :)
sorry I've been disappeared from a while, but this weekend is my first month working for a new company, an airline in my country. I have to say that changing jobs is one of the most difficult things to do, saying good bye to your job mates and friends, the people nearby that sells food, the neighbors near the company's location, etc. Somebody one day said to me, that "humans lives as usual", we used to like that chair in front of our computers, that special brand of pencils to draw, the brand of beer or drink, and in this case that past job... maybe is not the job by itself, but all the things that surrounds it, the workmates, the discussions and jokes at the office, the coffee, the workplace, etc.

Let me remember some funny things in my last job, we used to:

  • In the first months (I worked for like 1 year and a half), we (the guys in the IT office) decided that we would follow the example of Chuck Norris, so in any situation that could cause some controversy, we said "What would Chuck Norris do?". The discussions got interesting because in the office worked one girl (that never asked for help or suggestions, and many times founded herself contradicting us in almost everything), so it was like a battle of genders and Chuck Norris was always our argument to win all the discussions.
  • We have one hour for taking lunch, and always after the lunch we got a little rest (many times we locked the door, so the boss won't caught us)
  • In my last days in that job, we organized a soccer tournament, but it was played "within" the office, because the space was reduced, we played one vs one, buy still was pretty fun!!
  • The squirrels in the garden, eating almonds from the tree.
  • The workplace, we used to say that more than an office we worked in a garage (like Google in his beginnings), so we decorated the office with cans of beer, the calendar girl of the month (courtesy of Sports Illustrated, I think), an empty bottle of tequila, etc.
  • The discussions about everything: the soccer, women, the situation in the job, music, the boss, etc

Finally one of the things that I miss in the same way as the previous list, is what I used to do... I used to be a Web developer and some times I did the artwork for some banners and another graphic stuff (using Gimp and Inkscape), many of the tutorials that I posted here (and some that I'll post) was inspired after that.

Now in my new job, I'm not a Web developer anymore and less doing graphic stuff, yes I earn a better salary, the company is more established so the economic recession maybe is not a big deal, but at what cost.

Finally (and this time is true) I think that many choices we made in our lives are a trade-off, there is always things you gain, now I can invite to dinner or help in another things to my family and friends. But also consider very carefully the things you lost. I don't know if I made the right choice, after a month, I think the answer is no, but when I think in my family and friends, I would try to wait a little bit more...

* Now after my first month, I'm finally seeing some light, because finally I'll start doing some stuff related to E-Learning
** About the Chuck Norris thing, don't take me wrong, I'm not a sexism fan, all the opposite, I think there is a lot of smart and creative women out there, actually some of them inspired me, and I'm very grateful and honored in learn from them

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