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29 juin 2009


I think I will post later, the second part of my Painful Source of Inspiration series, because I need to re-organize the order of events and my thoughts about that :D

Ok, let me share with you some tips about this chalkboard that I did some weeks ago. (FIGURE 1)


FIGURE 1  Teacher's day chalkboard.

Initially I made this chalkboard to put it in the home page of the Moodle LMS that we use in my job, but like many times have occurred to me in the past :( I was told to remove the chalkboard from the home page. So I decided to store it. A couple of weeks later a friend asked me for help, because the teacher's day was almost there, and we used my chalkboard to decorate their offices and also mine. The final result was very cool and nice! many balloons also added the special touch to the decoration!!

Let's talk about the tips...

  • Chalkboard frame. I used a wood texture to make the frame, I rotated the texture to make the vertical and horizontal pieces of the frame.

  • Chalkboard. The idea was to make appear the chalkboard like the ones you can find in schools, were although the teacher erases it, still you can see some white patches and spots, and more when the time passes and you erase it many times. I used the cool pastel brushes of centipede to achieve that school feel :)

  • Aircraft drawings. I used some drawings that I did in Inkscape, then I imported them into GIMP and applied the "Dissolve" layer mode.

  • Chalkboard text. I used a chalkboard font called "Eraser Dust".

And that's it, I hope this could be useful to somebody.

Thanks for reading.

* The friend that asked me for help, was a girl :) you've probably guessed because girls like to decorate things, men usually not

** by the way, the Teacher's day is June 22, here in El Salvador

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