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08 août 2009

Painful Source of Inspiration part 2: Greeting Cards with Stylized Smoke


I'm having some troubles writing to this place, my blog, but I hope I can continue to share my thoughts and tips with you for a long time.

Ok, so in a previous post I said that I 'll write about my not so well experience with a girl and here I go...

I think most of the things are said in the previous post, only the conclusion and what I learned remains. I want to start with the following quote:

"Why so serious?"

-The Joker (from the movie The Dark Knight)

The following quote can explain this better:

"The most important thing to remember is to always remain calm, confident, and playful about the whole thing. This is a stranger, not your longtime girlfriend. Don’t treat her like she’s the only thing in the world that will make you happy…you don’t even know if she’ll make you a little bit happy at this point. You’re just making an earnest effort to get to know someone new."

-Zack Taylor (from the nice web site "Dating and Thoughts")

And that is what happened to me, I get so serious too soon and I forgot to have fun. I think the opposite is true, first don't forget to have fun, later if the things work out, then you can get serious.

Ok, let the tutorial begins!!

This time we'll do another nice and easy to do greeting card.

First, grab a nice picture that you think your friend will like. I chose a nice picture of McWolf from the Tex Avery classic cartoons. (FIGURE 1)


FIGURE 1  A cool character...Tex Avery's McWolf.

Now is time to modify the original picture, I did a soup bowl in Inkscape and then I imported it in my GIMP file. (FIGURE 2)


FIGURE 2  My soup bowl!

After this add the text balloon that will contain the special message for your friend. To draw the text balloon, use the Ellipse Select Tool to draw the initial shape, and then with a solid circle brush draw some strokes in the contour of the shape. To complete the text balloon, add some circles in diminution targeting the mouth or head of the character. (FIGURE 3)


FIGURE 3  The text balloon.

When you've completed the text balloon, its time to add the text using the Text Tool. (FIGURE 4)


FIGURE 4  Adding the text.

Now it comes the cool part of the tutorial... adding some stylized smoke to the soup, just to make it more delicious! And is really easy, just grab the Airbrush Tool and choose a Circle Fuzzy brush with a convenient size, I chose Circle Fuzzy (13). Then set the Brush Dynamics, check the size option under the Random category and draw some strokes to make your smoke. (FIGURE 5)


FIGURE 5  Our nice smoke makes the soup more delicious!

Lets see the final result: (FIGURE 6)


FIGURE 6  Our final greeting card.

And that's it, cool and easy tutorial huh.

See ya soon.

* by the way, the soup that appears in the picture is a traditional soup from my country called "Sopa de Pata" or Soup of Legs, is a delicious soup made from cow's legs, maybe it sounds not so appetizing but is really delicious!

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