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24 janvier 2010

Time to share!

Hi guys and maybe some girl out there :)

Like some people know, I work in an airline, particularly in the training department creating stuff for maintenance technicians. In the last course that I helped to create that is about "Repair Stations" (if the title looks scary, the content of the manual is more scary). In a way to help to avoid pain to maintenance technicians that study the course, I created some pictures and stuff for the course, and one of the things I did are these tools, and this time I would like to share it with you, I hope you find them useful.

Repair Tools

Inkscape source file:repair_tools

I started to use this license thing, and is as follows: Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

Don't worry about this license thing, it provides a lot of freedom for you to use this work in any way you want

* In the next post I will share my first "GIMP brushes"

** If anybody knows how this tools are called in English (or French :) I would appreciate if you can tell me in the comments. I only know how they are called in Spanish (Desarmador y Llaves)

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    Thanks! I'm glad you've found my blog to be useful

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