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08 septembre 2008

The Animated Forest

Hello, I hope that you - whom are reading this - are ok. May God take care of the men and women of good will. Well let me tell you that I added a cool splash banner for this my blog and although some time ago, I was thinking in doing something different (and more complicated), but I think this banner is ok. Like some people know, I had some vacation and although it was only one week, It was ok for some sleep and rest. I needed vacation very badly. One of the coolest things that I did in this vacation, was reading the Anne... [Lire la suite]
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31 mars 2008

Linux Babies

I created this animation almost one and a half years ago for a friend of mine (Juliux) when his first little baby was born. Juliux likes a lot Open Source technologies (in fact he inspired me to go and learn open source technologies and software when I was in the university, well maybe I'm not that good student... I still use Windows), so I thought at that time that maybe if I make some of the famous Open source characters babies, that will be right for the occasion, so I started the project. First I started with Tux, with Tux I... [Lire la suite]
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23 février 2008

Curl Tree (Spiral Tree) Tutorial

Following with my integration examples, this time we'll try to integrate Inkscape and Adobe Flash (Flash 8 or Flash CS3 is Ok for this tutorial) in a Curl or Spiral Tree. This tutorial doesn't aim to be or cover advanced techniques so a new comer to Inkscape or Flash could find this easy to follow, but maybe some intermediate users (like me) or other users could learn something. So let's get started... First open Inkscape and select the Spirals tool, then draw a some big spiral in the page (mine is like 430x430px FIGURE 1) ... [Lire la suite]
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