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27 avril 2008

Music symbols

The other day I was doing some works that tried to express music in some way, one was for a speaker animation and the other for two cellphones that were sharing some music. The funny thing is that neither of both works was approved, so that means that I can share the works with you, my few (but growing) blog readers. So I'll begin with the music symbols that I'll use in my future posts (stay tuned!!), this music symbols are somewhat simple but you can improve it easily (change color, arrange differently, add glow or shadow, etc.),... [Lire la suite]
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07 avril 2008


I was doing some Inkscape drawings lately, I would like to say that I enjoyed a lot when I was doing them and more since the Inkscape 0.46 release! In this time I did some notebooks that I would like to use for some icons in a project that I'm working (FIGURE 1). FIGURE 1 The Notebooks One of the main problems that arise when I was drawing this notebook was the rings in the notebook's side, because they suggest that are above the notebook cover but also are below (confusing, huh) and more when you have to deal with the... [Lire la suite]
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31 mars 2008

Linux Babies

I created this animation almost one and a half years ago for a friend of mine (Juliux) when his first little baby was born. Juliux likes a lot Open Source technologies (in fact he inspired me to go and learn open source technologies and software when I was in the university, well maybe I'm not that good student... I still use Windows), so I thought at that time that maybe if I make some of the famous Open source characters babies, that will be right for the occasion, so I started the project. First I started with Tux, with Tux I... [Lire la suite]
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17 mars 2008

Elephpant arrives to El Salvador

It just arrived a few days ago and although I'm not sure but I think that my Elephpant could be the first Elephpant in El Salvador :D Here is Elephpant joining forces with Cochesaurus (me) and Guayo (the baby Ram) Now I think that I'm a better PHP Web Developer :)
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16 mars 2008

Senna river watercolor

I think I did this watercolor three years ago (when I still used to paint watercolor paintings) for a friend. I take inspiration from a picture of the Senna and at the end I was really happy because the result was better than I expected; if you've painted with watercolors before, you know that is really a hard technique to master, just like is very quick to get nice results, also you really need to have a plan before put the brush on the paper, because once you've made the stroke you have sometimes to react very quickly. Let me... [Lire la suite]
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23 février 2008

Curl Tree (Spiral Tree) Tutorial

Following with my integration examples, this time we'll try to integrate Inkscape and Adobe Flash (Flash 8 or Flash CS3 is Ok for this tutorial) in a Curl or Spiral Tree. This tutorial doesn't aim to be or cover advanced techniques so a new comer to Inkscape or Flash could find this easy to follow, but maybe some intermediate users (like me) or other users could learn something. So let's get started... First open Inkscape and select the Spirals tool, then draw a some big spiral in the page (mine is like 430x430px FIGURE 1) ... [Lire la suite]
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13 février 2008

Mudjungle banner

Hello, I've been working in a Inkscape - Flash integration example tutorial, but it have taken more time that I expected, so in the meanwhile I just did a Gimp banner using some of the nicest gimp brushes available out there. I used for the leaves in the top the leaves brushes made by Rore and for the board and chalk text some Pastel brushes made by Rene Jensen (aka Centipede). See ya soon,
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27 janvier 2008


Following the enthusiasm for spread PHP to the entire world :) I just happy because Vincent Pontier (aka the Roubio) , the creator of the PHP elephpant authorized me to post the elephpant, this time made in Inkscape. By the way check Vincent's Web site (, is full of nice illustrations and artworks related to PHP, great work Vincent!! Inkscape source file: elephpant2
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23 janvier 2008

PHP Logo

Hello guys and girls,I just noticed that in the PHP site there isn't any PHP logos made in Inkscape, so I decided to do one. It really was a difficult task because I don't have the font used for the "php" word so I grabbed a normal png image with the logo and used the feature Path > Trace Bitmap to get started. The results were not as good as I expected. But it help me to identify some shapes and then fine tweaking with the Edit Path tool. Another technique that I found it useful was taking the original png image and... [Lire la suite]
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18 janvier 2008

Wise Marketing Team

I introduce to you the Wise Marketing IT team:From Left to Right: Mauricio (KmuNino), Robert (me), Veronica, Henry and Max
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