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12 janvier 2008

Gimp and Inkscape integration example

I'm noticing that there is not too many examples of possible workflows that include the collaboration between Gimp and Inkscape, and although I'm not too experienced with both programs I came with the following tutorial, maybe somebody can found it useful. The other day I was thinking in a possible layout and xhtml structure for a project about LMS (Learning Management Systems), so I decided it to do it in Inkscape (FIGURE 1). FIGURE 1 XHTML Structure done in Inkscape Like you see the drawing itself is pretty simple and... [Lire la suite]
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29 décembre 2007

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset Drawings

I was thinking that if I'm writing in a French blog, so I have to write or put things related to France. Well, I did this drawings some time ago just to express my appreciation for these movies, my favorite ones. One of my dreams of travel to France was raised after watched Before Sunset, I liked very much!! PD: I watched Before Sunset after get late to work, so I decide it to go to the movie theater instead :) I think it was one of the best "miss to go to work" moments in my life... great!!
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27 décembre 2007

Battalion Wars 2 Wallpaper

Hey!I just finish to retouch this wallpaper, well if I'm sincere this wallpaper it's not done by me but give me some credit :) I resize the original image (taken from and put the Battalion Wars 2 logo on the top. By the way this is a great game! if you have a Nintendo Wii go and get it!! download here: 1024x768px
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27 décembre 2007

My New Blog

Hey!! this is my new Blog I don't know exactly about what I'm going to write, but I'll try to put interesting things here. I'm considering write things about Web Development (my current job), animation (my favorite), traditional arts, graphics and other stuff. So try to visit my blog, I'll try to update it often, a little often at least :)   ThanksCoche
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