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27 février 2009

Spanish music drawing

Hey!Fortunately I've survived after one month and a half in my new job. It's not easy you know, there is a woman in my department that thinks (and also my boss has assigned her), she is my boss or something, so she gives me a lot of work, a lot of boring and useless work, but so far I'm stand. Let's talk about another things... So far in 2008, I promised to a friend that I'll give him a nice Spanish music compilation DVD and finally some days ago I purchased some empty DVDs and then I added some of my favorite Spanish music,... [Lire la suite]
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29 décembre 2007

Before Sunrise and Before Sunset Drawings

I was thinking that if I'm writing in a French blog, so I have to write or put things related to France. Well, I did this drawings some time ago just to express my appreciation for these movies, my favorite ones. One of my dreams of travel to France was raised after watched Before Sunset, I liked very much!! PD: I watched Before Sunset after get late to work, so I decide it to go to the movie theater instead :) I think it was one of the best "miss to go to work" moments in my life... great!!
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