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31 août 2008

Cochesaurus Crazy Tricks

I would like to introduce formally the "Cochesaurus crazy tricks", these are tricks that I've discovered using some of my favorite graphic programs, animation programs and programming languages. The graphic programs include: Gimp, Inkscape and Adobe Fireworks. The animation programs include by the moment only Adobe Flash. Finally the programming language that I like the most is PHP.

If you've read some of my previous posts, maybe you've noticed that I've already added some tricks, tutorials and workarounds, so why a Cochesaurus crazy tricks? well the answer is quite silly. I just want to give a "name" to my contributions, jeje. Well before anything else, let me clarify some things:

  • Some of the Cochesaurus crazy tricks are not the best ways to achieve something but at the time the trick's post was written, that trick was the perfect solution for me.
  • Some of the tricks are old ones but I would like to release them until now.
  • Some of the tricks are very easy and maybe silly but I don't care, I'll post them anyway
  • The Cochesaurus crazy tricks usually are not advanced ones. They'll aim the intermediate and beginner user like me :)

Finally the main purpose of my tricks it's for maybe help some people out there. The other purpose is due to my bad memory. Some times I do something and then some months later, I need to do something similar, but I don't remember how I did it before, so this blog will help me to remember how I did the things in the past.

Cochesaurus crazy trick

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