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20 mai 2009

Painful Source Of Inspiration Part 1: Greeting Cards Using Xach Effect

Hi everybody :)Some time ago I said that I'll not use drawings or paintings to impress girls and get dates, because "those times have passed away and now I know a bit more of how to conquer girls", it seems that I never should have said that. I met a girl three months ago, normally I would not try to hit on her, because when I first got introduced to her she was working in another department of the company, and also I rarely interacted or see her, but then one day she asked me for help in programming stuff that she was... [Lire la suite]
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14 mars 2009

Billboard Text

Hi :)Sorry I said I'll post a new tutorial and then nothing, but better late than never!! This time we'll make a kind of nice billboard, so let's get started! First try to make a cool background, maybe using a gradient or photos of yours. I pick some of my photos when I went to the soccer games of my country and then scaled and located them in the canvas. (FIGURE 1) FIGURE 1  My cool background (in one of the photos is one of my friends with a drunk man we found). Pick a cool font and make some text. I think a nice font... [Lire la suite]
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27 février 2009

Spanish music drawing

Hey!Fortunately I've survived after one month and a half in my new job. It's not easy you know, there is a woman in my department that thinks (and also my boss has assigned her), she is my boss or something, so she gives me a lot of work, a lot of boring and useless work, but so far I'm stand. Let's talk about another things... So far in 2008, I promised to a friend that I'll give him a nice Spanish music compilation DVD and finally some days ago I purchased some empty DVDs and then I added some of my favorite Spanish music,... [Lire la suite]
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15 février 2009

We used to... (start again)

Hi :)sorry I've been disappeared from a while, but this weekend is my first month working for a new company, an airline in my country. I have to say that changing jobs is one of the most difficult things to do, saying good bye to your job mates and friends, the people nearby that sells food, the neighbors near the company's location, etc. Somebody one day said to me, that "humans lives as usual", we used to like that chair in front of our computers, that special brand of pencils to draw, the brand of beer or drink, and in... [Lire la suite]
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22 décembre 2008

Merry Christmas!

Hi, I don't know if in your country is the same, but here in America and in El Salvador the 24th of December we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, so maybe after the dinner with your family and friends, the drinks and the fireworks, take a few minutes and think that maybe this day long time ago, was born a man that taught to us how to really love each other, and a show of that was that he died for us and with that he gives us hope! Finally the snowman and I wish you a merry Christmas! * In a next post I'll tell you the... [Lire la suite]
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02 décembre 2008


Hi :)It's since a while isn't? it seems that I got running out of ideas, but I'll try to post something useful. By the way let me tell you that I've graduated from the university at last!! 7 years have passed away and now "por fin" I got the degree in computer science and also I got a lot of stress, fatigue and a debt with the bank, jeje. But after all I think it worth it. Another thing that happened in November, was also my birthday, now I'm 25 years old, the famous "cora" of dollar (here in El Salvador we use... [Lire la suite]
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29 octobre 2008


Like I promised, let's create a Telecommunications Antenna using Inkscape, I'm using Inkscape 0.46 Let's begin. Pick the Bezier Path Tool and while pressing the CTRL key draw a line at 75 degrees. Notice that when you hold the CTRL key you can draw straight lines and also the angle of the line change at 15 degrees when you move the mouse. (FIGURE 1) FIGURE 1  Drawing a straight line at 75 degress with the Bezier Path Tool. Now select your just drawn line and go to the Fill and Stroke dialog and change the line's... [Lire la suite]
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27 octobre 2008

Being a Jack of all trades...

Hi :), the other day I was reading about the English phrase "Jack of all trades, master of none" (and really was a new phrase to me, in Spanish I've never heard something similar before) and I felt some how identified with this description, although a little bit later I found in Wikipedia something like this: "The 'jack of all trades' part of the phrase was in common use during the 1600s and was generally used as a term of praise, rather than disparagement, as it is often used today. 'Jack,' in those days was a ... [Lire la suite]
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13 octobre 2008

Music banner using Line Nova

Lately in my work I did some banners for mobile Web sites and just like everything I do with Gimp, experimentation and playing around are my steps to create nice banners and pictures (some times are not that nice, but :) Ok, let me show you how I did one of my first banners using Gimp. Start with an empty canvas, mine is 1008x252px (4:1). Then pick a color and drag it from the toolbar to the canvas (the canvas contains at this time only one layer, usually white), the color that I've chosen is a light blue (#6CB5ED). (FIGURE 1) ... [Lire la suite]
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10 octobre 2008

Old Airplane Watercolor - I've finally delivered it

Today was a nice day, I finally get away from my laziness and visited my teacher José Brizuela in my old school "Colegio Don Bosco". I remember most of my teachers, but from the time I was in high school (those critic years), José Brizuela was my favorite teacher. I met him when I was studying 7th grade, he taught me a class related to society, geography and other stuff. Then in my second year in high school I found myself in one of his classes... psychology. Psychology was a really cool class, because was aimed to... [Lire la suite]
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